CS Copy Management is our work flow software providing copy writers, promotions and programming staff the tools required to create, find and maintain recorded or live copy. Once created, copy can be sent via e-mail directly to the client for approval. When ready, a single click and the Production Studio schedule is updated for Production Staff. The production staff always have a complete list of the scripts to be recorded, and the copy can be read directly from the on-line prompter. All without printing or moving a single page of hard copy.

The package also includes several tools to make things even easier. A cart inventory module automatically assigns and maintains cart numbers. Our Co-Op process can be used to extract script copy to your Traffic/Billing system or for CBSI, Columbine and Wide Orbit users, our Traffic import merges your billing information with scripts for Co-Op confirmation statements. The audio player and script viewer provide staff with direct access to copy and audio all on their own.

For the Copy Writer

The Copy Writing module “CSWrite” has all of the common word processing features as well as several features designed specifically for copy writers. These include:

  • An advanced Client/Script index for quick and easy access to any script
  • A time estimation bar and a built in timer ensuring scripts are the correct length
  • 2 Column script with Direction and Copy display for easy reading
  • Electronically send scripts to Production module for recording
  • Optional Cart Inventory for automatic cart assignments and inventory control
  • 2-up script window with cut and paste for continuity between scripts
  • Work on up to 25 scripts at a time
  • Fax or Email Script copy and audio to clients right from the desktop
  • Standard word processing features including Font, Size, Colors, and styles
  • Spell check and Thesaurus
  • User definable Script Reports
  • Export and Import for Co-Op Statements
  • Audio Playback and Conversion via DBPowerAmp
  • Studio View to monitor status of script
  • While not necessary, you may print script in multiple formats
  • Local And Remote Production capabilities

For the Producer

The production module “CSProducer” provides the producer with the tools to record the script and schedule production so all copy is recorded before it is needed. Some of the Key Features are:

  • Script scheduling by required date, client, voice, etc.
  • Partial Script production with update notifications
  • Copy changes recorded and saved in script copy
  • Multiple Prompter formats for ease of use
  • Transfer scripts to other Studios to balance the work load

In addition to the main modules, CS Copy Management also includes a Cart Inventory module and Co-Op production module.

Cart Inventory

If used, Cart Numbers are automatically assigned as needed and passed to Production and Traffic for processing. Since the cart is assigned before the copy is produced, everyone has the right cart number on the right copy. This also ensures the right copy is used on air and for co-op purposes.


Depending on the amount of Co-Op and Traffic system, the Co-Op Module will import ALL affidavit information from CBSI, Wide Orbit, and JDS Columbine system and use the information to produce a user definable Co-Op Confirmation Statement.

If you do not use a supported traffic system, or prefer to use the Co-Op process in your traffic system, the Co-Op Copy Management system will export co-op script copy for importing into the Traffic System.