Release Update

As new versions are released, sites with an active support license can update the software using the CSLive Updater included in the install set. Since the site and access is also updated you may need to update the updater to access the update site. To do so, Click Here and run the installer. To qualify for FREE updates your support License MUST be continuous from the original purchase date.

To update your software you must have an active support license under the Station ID’s as defined in your configurations, access to the internet with FTP download privileges.

The Update Module will verify your subscription status and check for updates. If updates are available, the CS Update program will backup your existing version then download and install the new versions. The installation process is simply replacing the application programs with the new versions so restoring to an older version is simply copying the files from the backup back to the live installaiton directory.

January 2019 DTS Connected Radio TM   Supplies artwork to CSL and posts the stations metadata to DTS Hybrid Receivers