Posting Metadata to Streams or Other Devices and Services

When metadata is updated, CSL will use a user definable template to send the information via TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS or as a web/url post to other devices and services. The most common use is to send metadata to the streaming service to display on the Listen Live player. Since the streaming service may also be providing commercial substitution CSL issues the post to this service first.

Since there are no standards for posting data to these services the information can be formatted as required cia a user definable template. Like the FTP web postings details are available in the CSRDS Templates PDF available on the downloads page or in the PDF directory of the install set.

We have worked with several of the major streaming services and have pre-defined templates for these services in the install set. To assist with trouble shooting the same information that is posted to the service may also be stored locally for use in other applications or viewed via the Template viewer showing both the template and the formatted data.


If desired and supported by the service in addition to music events we can also post the informational, promotional and commercial messages and images scheduled in CSScheduler. Since this is not always supported by the service the option to send or not send these events is available.


Center Stage also supports TuneIn and to post your metadata to the TuneIn service enter your TuneIn ID, Partner name and ID into the configurations and Center Stage will automatically post all the same metadata to TuneIn as goes to the stream.

Streaming Services**

Icecast (shoutcast)

Stream On!



Triton Digital (ANDO Media/Stream The World)






Wide Orbit

**User Definable templates may be created for any streaming system accepting ASCII metadata via TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, URL Post or FTP. See our RDS Templates for details.