The June 2019 update has been posted and ready for download. If you have an active support license run your CSUpdate program in the installation directory, or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater. For stations without an active support license contact your supplier or Arctic Palm Sales to activate your support license.

The Update Module will verify your support license, check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing version then download and install the latest updates.

Featured Updates in this Release

Center Stage Live

Data Casting with Center Stage Live

Data Casting: Posting Program Associated Data to RDS\RBDS Encoders, HD Radio, The Artist Experience, DAB/DRM, DTS Connected Radio (DTS Hybrid Radio), Web Sites, Streaming Services, Web Services such as, TuneIn, etc.


A new DTS Connected Radio “Search” function has been added to the CSScheduler DTS Artwork Editor(Artwork Icon in Toolbar). Since most unmatched images are due to artist/title spellings or formats. To find the artwork, modify the artist/title info and click Search. When the artwork is found, click Update and that artwork will be used for that Cart/Cut ID.

Using this process, we can also add new Cart/Cut entries as required.


CSWeather was modified to remove some processes that are no longer available and a new Scheduling option was added to contro when CSweather actually scans and posts metadata.

Since the Composer application is used by so may NPR stations, CSWeather has been modified to generate a “CSPRM” file and with the new scheduling function we have eliminated the need for a Satellite/Remote instance of CSRDS for Composer. Simply schedule your Composer URL at the selected times and set the CSPRM Option in CSRDS.


A Spanish/French to English date translation process has been added to CSRDS to support The Artist Experience.

Modified Logo posting to minimize JMSAC overhead

To further Assist with troubleshooting, we have added a Support Pack Export listing all of the CSRDS configuration settings as well as captured and processed events. When requested, Arctic Palm Support may request the Support pack to assist with the troubleshooting efforts.

The “Stream The World” and other Triton Digital processes have been updated to support the new combined Triton Digital processes.

In Conjunction with the CSWeather Updates, CSRDS will now scan for the new Composer processes eliminating the need for a second CSRDS to support Composer entries.

The Generic Metadata option has been updated to accept metadata from multiple input files in the same or different formats.


CSRAS was updated to improve Triggered Play list timings especially for Music Master Play lists. When using Arctic Palm report from Music Master to link individual events contained in a single long play audio file, the start oif the feeds are triggered by the metadata from the automation system. To reduce any delays the time checks have been reduced.

For Example:

The Audio File names as DM 21-05 10-02 (Audio for May 21 second segment of the 1am hour) contains these songs. When the trigger is received, CSRAS will send the artist/title info to CSRDS starting when the event is played and updated based on the times in the Music Master Schedule.