The December 2016 update has been posted and ready for download. If you have an active support license run your CSUpdate program in the installation directory, Select Check for Updates in CSScheduler or or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater. For stations without an active support license contact your supplier or Arctic Palm Sales to activate your support license.

The Update Module will verify your support license, check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing versions then download and install the latest updates.

Featured Updates in this Release

Center Stage Live

Data Casting with Center Stage Live

Network Posting

The CSRASHD template was added to the install set which will include a next event in the XML file uploaded to the FTP site. The “Music From File” option in CSRDS was modified to support a URL link to the CSRASHD now playing file. This process is used by the hosting station to provide metadata to affiliate stations simulcasting the same programming. For stations using The Artist Experience the next event will be used to pre-stage artwork for the next song while the current song is playing.


In some cases when scheduling content in Tag Station the artist and title information appear differently on the RDS/HD display then it does on the Next Radio app and the artist and title fields are reversed. To maintain consistency in the display, we have added a “Reverse Non-Music Artist/Title data” option. When selected, the fields will be reversed for all non-music events including any scheduled messages in Tag Station.

CSRDS Character Filtering

Some accented characters do not display properly on some RDS\RBDS encoders. To eliminate strange characters from appearing on these displays CSRDS has filtered these characters replacing them with their non-accented versions. Depending on the source, some characters that did not relate to an acceptable character have been removed. This is an on-going process and will be monitored to ensure metadata is correct for the required device or service.

User Definable Logo


When posting logos for The Artist Experience to HD Radio we must re-send the logo files to keep the logo graphic “alive” on various receivers. The timing is now user definable and can be modified from the default timing to match the configuration settings in the MSAC module.

Logo Edits

When a logo is assigned for the artist experience that is the wrong size it will be dropped and will not appear on the HD Receiver. While we can find this error in the MSAC log we have added editing to the Logo processes in CSScheduler. When entering a Logo for The Artist Experience, select the HD channel from the drop down list and CSScheduler will tell you if the selected graphic file exceeds the 200×200 pixel or 24k limitation.

Logo Filenames

The Artist Experience specification has a file naming convention for Logos. The receiver manufacturers use this filename to store the station logo in the receiver. When entering a logo and selecting the HD Channel CSScheduler will now verify the size and copy the selected graphic to a logo filename meeting the specification. For details on the Logo Filenames see your MSAC Artist Experience manual.

Remote Authentication

The remote version of CSLogIt requires an authentication file from the hosting station to license the software and provide the necessary configuration settings. Depending on the windows O/S and security software the license information could be deleted which would de-activate the software. To prevent the O/S from deactivating the software the activation process was modified protecting the activation information from the O/S clean-up processes.

iTunes Update

For CSlogIt users importing song and playlist from iTunes CSLogIt has been modified to support the latest version of the iTunes playlist export function. iTunes modified the format of the export which required some minor modifications to the CSLogIt parsing routines. Since there is a mix of iTunes versions CSlogIt will continue to support the previous versions as well as the latest iTunes update.

Environment Canada

Environment Canada made some minor modifications to the format of the French Language forecasts causing some forecast to be missed. As such CSWeather was modified to support the latest updates.


The Composer parsing routines were modified to support various formats of metadata received from the Composer URL link. Based on information uploaded to Composer the actual data may appear as different tags and may be in an unexpected sequence. To accommodate multiple formats and sequences CSWeather was altered to use the most appropriate data available.

CS Interactive

UNC Path

To accommodate networks and servers that do not support or have issues with drive mappings, CSFTP has been modified to support UNC paths for both Drop Folders and Ad Folders.

CSPRM Public Radio Metadata

Character Filters

Modified parsing routines to remove JSON special character sets for devices and services where the the characters are not handled properly.

CS Contest Management


Modified search patterns for faster lookup of past winners. Tightened match criteria to better match winners and added edits for duplicate entries.