Public Radio Metadata from Content Depot’s MetaPub

CSPRM is an Add-On module for NPR stations using Center Stage Live for their data casting services and want to include program elements from MetaPub. CSPRM is a per station license for Center Stage Live sites to download metadata from MetaPub based on the stations schedule.

MetaPub programs are scheduled by station, date, time of day and day of week. Scheduled times are based on MetaPub’s Eastern Time stamp and automatically adjusted for different time zones. Events can also be time shifted or captured for use on a date and time other than the time the event was originally broadcast.

Once scheduled CSRDS will capture the event along with the MetaPub image and post the information for use in the Center Stage Data Casting application. If configured for The Artist Experience and/or DTS Connected Radio the image will be posted to those services and while the current event is playing the artwork for the next event will be pre-staged.For News/Talk programming the show title or headline becomes the title, the host or reporter as the artist and the program name as the album.

If desired, stations can substitute their own artwork to overlay the MetaPub image or to use when MetaPub artwork is not available.