CS Interactive is our automated file transfer package for sending files to one or more remote sites via LAN/WAN or FTP. CS Interactive package includes several modules designed for specific transfer needs.

CS Interactive monitors selected directories looking for new or changed files based on a file “mask”. When found, the file will be copied to a working directory ready for processing. If necessary, each working directory can be addressed to one or more CS Interactive sites ready for the FTP transfer. Since all files are “addressed” we only upload the file once and when the last site has completed the download the file is removed from the FTP site. This technique reduces the load on the FTP site and reduces the amount of time spent uploading files.

For Maestro users, the downloaded files and cuts are downloaded and staged in the format required for the Maestro import eliminating errors associated with importing cuts.

While CS Interactive can transfer any type of file, a common use is to transfer audio files and logs from the host site to a remote station and return the audit files back to the host site for billing.

For stations downloading programming from various FTP sites, the CS Interactive FTP monitor will watch these sites and automatically download the updated programs to the specified directory ready for processing.

If desired, the downloaded modules can be downloaded to one directory then automatically renamed or just transferred with their existing name to another directory for processing.

On occasion, we may need to update, download, monitor or just check an FTP site. As such, we have included our FTP Monitor module allowing you to login to various FTP sites and upload, download or verify files on the site. Once entered, you can save the login info for easy reference.