Our CS Contest Management software provides all of the tools necessary for a completely Paperless contesting system. Like all of our software packages, CS Contest Management is comprised of several modules designed specifically for the department in which it is used. For a complete list of all modules included in this package click the Modules icon. Since CS Contest Management is licensed by station, the modules can be installed on as many workstations as necessary.

For Promotions

The password protected CS Contest Maintenance module provides Promotions with the ability to schedule contests and prizes by station, date, day of week and time of day. This module also has all of the reporting tools necessary to monitor your contest winners. Everything from 1099-Misc Income Tax Forms to Listener E-Mail is selectable at any time.

For On-Air Talent

The Contest entry module was designed in conjunction with a number of on-air staff to ensure the program is easy to use in the studio. A single data entry window with default and auto correcting features for easy data entry. Since this data will be reviewed and verified when the prize is collected, the data accuracy is greatly improved. The On-Air module also supports Caller-ID via the Whozz Calling Caller ID units. (sold separately)

For Reception

Within seconds of data entry the Pickup module will have the winner and prize information available. Simply enter a name or phone number and the winning entries appear. The advanced Collection Status window is a quick and easy way to find what has and has not been collected. Search by station, date, prize, winner, contest etc to create your own customized views. With all contest information available electronically, we have virtually eliminated all of the paper associated with contesting except one. When the contest winner collects their prize, we will want a release/waiver/condition signature from the individual. If desired, we can continue with printed release forms or we can opt for the electronic signatures using the Topaz SigGem signature pad (sold separately) and eliminate the last piece of printed copy.

Contesting Features

Interactive Tax Status verification. When winning the current contest will require a tax form, the on-air staff will be notified allowing the listener to decline the prize. If accepted, Reception will be notified of the change is status and collect the necessary forms and noting that forms are on file.

Links to Automation System. Contests may now be linked to an event in the on air system and “Pop-Up” a user definable window when that event is played.

Trivia Question Database. In addition to adding trivia questions to individual contests, we can now add a generic Trivia Question list available for use in all contests for the station.

Multi-Window Format. The new (Radio Automation System) RAS Blue mode displays the on-air window in a format compatible to the popular automation systems. All the same functionality with a similar appearance.

Other Great Features

  • Advanced contest/prize scheduling for controlling inventory
  • Fair Market Value settings for tax and reporting purposes
  • User selectable reporting
  • Data extracts for use in other applications such as Mapping Software
  • Guest List, Age Restriction
  • Prize Vault with prize scheduling
  • Web Form importing for web contests or listener clubs
  • Permission Based HTML or Text E-mail with predefined station templates
  • Caller ID
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Links to CS Call Management (data entry via Call Screening software)
  • Links to Center Stage Live (Send winner info to RDS\RBDS encoders, Web Site, On-line Stream, HD/HD2/HD3 systems e.g. Congratulations Bob the Hit of the Day Winner)
  • Electronic Grand Prize selection
  • Window display in English, Spanish and French