The April 2017 update has been posted and ready for download. If you have an active support license run your CSUpdate program in the installation directory, or Click Here to download and install the latest Updater. For stations without an active support license contact your supplier or Arctic Palm Sales to activate your support license.

The Update Module will verify your support license, check for updates. If updates are available, the Updater will backup your existing version then download and install the latest updates.

Featured Updates in this Release

Center Stage Live

Data Casting with Center Stage Live
Data Casting: Posting Program Associated Data to RDS\RBDS Encoders, HD Radio, The Artist Experience, DAB/DRM, SlideShow, Web Sites, Streaming Services, Web Services such as TagStation/NextRadio, TuneIn, etc.

Public Radio Metadata

CSPRM has been updated to provide the ability to schedule your own graphic for MetaPub events. This graphic can be used when a valid graphic is not available in MetaPub or used to override the MetaPub graphic with the stations own graphic. Graphic files must be 170×170 to 200×200 pixels and less than 24kb in size.


CSScheduler now performs multiple edits on HD Graphics to ensure the station logo follows the HD Radio file naming specification as well as the file format and size. We also added the option to opt In or Out of our new data sharing option providing Arctic Palm with information on module usage to assist with future development.

Since Stations and Logos as Station and Logo scheduling are the most common tools used, they have been moved to the top of the Tools Menu.

A phone number and E-Mail address have been added to the EDC Tab for use on Web Sites, Streams, etc.

Data Share Opt In/Out


Since some graphics posted to HD Radio may come from external sources not under the stations control, CSRDS will now edit each graphic being posted to the JMSAC module. If the graphic does not meet the HD Artwork specification it will be replaced by the stations logo.

We have added some filters for using TagStation/NextRadio data with a Music Only and Upload only option. When the Music Only option is selected CSRDS will filter out all schedule and default events schedule in TagStation but will still use the Music information. When the Upload Only Option is selected data will be posted to Tagstation but no Tagstation data will be used.

Future Development

As the Broadcasting Industry changes we at Arctic Palm along with our new Partners want to be part of that new world providing you and your stations with the products you need to compete in an ever more competitive industry. To that end we are looking for your input to keep us focused on what maters most to you and your stations. To ensure we develop new systems, function and features that matter to you, we have added a data share option. This will send basic information to Arctic Palm about the functions and features in our software that are used most providing us the information to create the best products we can. Our best resource is you and we hope you will be part of our next generation. You can Opt In or Opt Out but we look forward to your input.